rising above the bullshit.

Well, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything (and I have all these weird bots following me, so I figured I should make my account active again). Much has changed since last October – mostly fantastic! But lately I have been weighed down by some bullshit and it’s taking a toll on me. … Continue reading rising above the bullshit.


me too.

#metoo As I began to watch my social media feeds fill with this phrase, my stomach dropped, my heart hurt. “It happened to her?” I thought, after I saw the very first post. (Which of course just perpetuates the stigma.) This was a strong, intelligent, kickass woman who takes no shit from anyone. (This is … Continue reading me too.

battling “mommy fatigue” – 6 things you need to start doing.

Compassion fatigue. It’s a term talked about in the behavioral health world and describes what happens when your emotional tank runs dry. Many professions deal with this: nurses, teachers, advisers, etc. But there is another cohort who can struggle with this too: moms. (Yes, all parents and caregivers can, but Mother’s Day is Sunday and … Continue reading battling “mommy fatigue” – 6 things you need to start doing.