Eight ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that don’t include curling up with vodka



hanging with an adorable offspring is always a win as well.

Valentine’s Day is rapidly making its way onto our calendars. Because of this, sparkly cards, heart-shaped candy, stuffed animals and roses litter stores everywhere. You may be one of the people who despises Valentine’s Day – a day where you feel pressured to show people how much you care. Perhaps you’ve even dubbed it a “Hallmark Holiday.” Others (like myself) adore it. (Seriously, I think it’s my favorite holiday.)

If you’re sans partner, Valentine’s Day can often be disheartening (no pun intended). Perhaps sitting on the kitchen floor, listening to Elliott Smith and Sufjan Stevens, drinking wine out of the bottle is more on par with how you’re expecting to celebrate February 14. (Takes one to know one, folks; no judgment here.)

Have no fear; Valentine’s Day can still be a fun, enjoyable day. For my fellow singletons out there, or anyone who’s lost that loving feeling (whoa that loving feeling …) in the wake of the most recent current events, here are some suggestions to brighten your day.

Give them a shot – for real. Besides many of us (more than half, if you go by the popular vote) could use a little more love in our lives right now.

  1. Celebrate all your relationships: It’s been 8 (I think?) years since I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day with a significant other, but that doesn’t stop me from showering my people with love. Many of my closest friends and family receive something small from me for the holiday Love is love. You don’t need to be in a relationship to revel in it. Toss that shit around like confetti.
  1. Get creative: You don’t need to blow half your paycheck to show people you care. Grab construction paper, glue, glitter and scissors for craft night. Cut out hearts and write one thing you adore about someone on each heart. Then mail it to that person. “Why can’t I just snapchat a picture to someone?” Because that’s lame, that’s why. Snail mail rocks and if you disagree, you may want to check your pulse. Not up for craft night? No worries – revert back to your grade school days and buy a box of Valentines and leave them on co-workers desks. Or bake some love-filled goodies to share (By “love” I don’t mean “pot.” Easy does it, Colorado.). Decorate the treats with some red and pink sprinkles and voila! Instant daymaker for the people you love.
  1. Reconnect with loved ones: Perhaps you don’t have time to make valentines and the idea of baking is far too overwhelming. Try connecting with another single friend and grabbing coffee or lunch. Schedules get busy, but reaching out to someone you haven’t been able to spend time with lately will be beneficial to you and mean a lot to them too.
  1. Be thankful: Take time to express gratitude for the loving relationships in your life. It’s easy to focus on what’s missing in life, but it’s much more advantageous to remember all the wonderful things we have.

If you’re still acting all sad panda on me and being stubborn about celebrating Valentine’s Day, that’s ok too. It’s important to acknowledge and respect the feelings you have. Take time to remind yourself what you love about you. Try these tips and be your own valentine.

  1. Pamper yourself: Take some time and go to the spa, get a massage, pedicure or haircut. Show yourself that you are worth it and give yourself an opportunity to relax.
  1. Branch out: Try something you’ve never done – take a class, check out a coffee shop or fun bar. (It’s far less intimidating to sit at the bar, opposed to a table, if you’re alone.) Check out a new yoga or paint and sip class. If you’re needing more of an “aggressive” outlet (again, no judgement here), may I suggest kickboxing or even a mosaic class? There’s something incredibly satisfying about smashing glass with a hammer.
  1. Get lost in a book: Go to the library or local bookstore and wander around a bit. If you’re not feeling inspired, ask a staff member to recommend something that is matching your mood. One hint: know yourself. Some people would benefit from a sappy romance novel, others would want to claw their eyes out with a serrated spoon if they had to read it. Another hint: check out the young adult section. They are usually a bit lighter, making them fast, easy reads.
  1. Buy a present for yourself: I saw a sign that said, “Every once in a while, blow your own damn mind.” True that. What would you do for someone you were in a relationship with? What would you want them to do for you? Do that. Treat yourself the way you would treat someone you love. After all, you’re worth your own love first and foremost. I think far too often we get lost in relationships and are so concerned about the other person’s needs, we forgo our own. (Unless you’re a narcissist, then you don’t give a shit about anyone. But that post is on deck; stay tuned.)

Wherever you fall on the Valentine’s Day spectrum, remember it’s just a day. If you’re feeling a little blue among the pink and red, try some of the above suggestions. But above all, remember no one deserves your love more than you!


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