educate a girl; empower a nation.


two bff superheroes, ready to take on the world!

I have a confession: thinking big scares me sometimes. It’s a lot of work, time, energy … all things I feel are a luxury I don’t often have in my life of being a solo parent, working as a program director for a mental health nonprofit. But I’ve found the secret: passion. Passion drives the motivation for me to think big. I’ve always had a desire to help others, and when passion intersects with strengths, it’s like the secret code of success and happiness.

So, fueled by passion, I have made a commitment with a nonprofit started by my good friend, Erin, called Edge of Seven. Its mission is to support sustainable building initiatives that create access to education and economic opportunities for girls, women, and rural communities across the globe.

This year, eo7 is celebrating its seventh birthday and is working to mobilize support for this year’s edge-ucation campaign. Through this effort, the organization is looking to fund seven new projects in Nepal, Kenya, and Uganda while continuing to break down barriers for girls to get an education. These seven projects represent the group’s largest effort in a single year.

How you can help
I have committed to a personal fundraising goal and the core team has committed to raising $20,000 in just one month! I have worked on educating my family and friends, created a social media campaign, sent out personal emails, partnered with a local restaurant to have a donation day where 50% of the proceeds that night will go directly to eo7 and – my personal favorite – I am hosting a beer tasting fundraiser at my home for some of my closest friends.

It’s a lot; I know it is. And I was recently asked – why this organization? It’s true; we all have things that tug at our heartstrings daily. So why this?


  • I support my fam. (this includes non-blood family; which is all of my closest friends)
  • My daughter and Erin’s daughter (who is half Nepalese) are best friends; I can’t imagine Paityn without Junie (and her little sister Indie) and vice versa.
  • Educate a girl; empower a nation.
  • There are over 1.8 billion people living without a safe water supply close to home.
  • And, this video: (Seriously, Erin played it at the kick off and I was crying. Granted, I am a crier, but still – it is incredibly moving)

If you are passionate about education, women’s empowerment, and clean water, consider a donation to Edge of Seven. Even small $5, $10, and $15 donations add up quickly. (With a $50 donation, you can fully-fund a desk for a school classroom! You can be responsible for providing space for one girl to get an education. How cool is that?)

You can donate directly to my fundraising page.

My final thought is this: Find what drives you in life. And don’t be afraid to think big. You never know who you’ll impact.

Post originally appeared as part of the my 100 days project, started by my friend Adam. I previously wrote a post for my 100 days that focused largely on the little things you can do that add up.


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